Kitchen Island Lighting Comparison

Love this Kitchen Island setup from Cynthia Weber Design. The large space is so inviting and would be a perfect gathering spot for family and friends. The woodwork on the kitchen cabinets and the island legs looks amazing. The lighting pendants over the island are from Uttermost #22028. They run about $195 each and can be found here. The dark finish of the pendants really draws attention to them.  The gray wood finish on the island is a fantastic neutral finish to tie into the kitchen. I also really like the detail of the rock on the left side of the photo. Anytime you can bring inside brick, rock, or another type of material used outdoors I love it.

download (4)
Uttermost Placuna

This incredible kitchen below is from Signature Interior Designs. Everything white is still sooo popular and this space is no exception! The best thing I like about this kitchen is the mix of light and dark. Cabinets, walls, ceiling, range hood, island, are all bright white. They then mixed in some dark colors like the stools and the light fixture pendants. It breaks it up just enough to keep it interesting and not so cold. The pendant lights are from Hudson Valley and are the Hollis collection. The part number is #3612-AGB. These are pretty expensive at over $1100 each! You can find them here. If you want a similar look but for less money see the picture below this one.


This light is from Capital Lighting and is $320 vs $1100!

Capital 9552BB

This Hinkley Light is $439

Hinkley 3535BK


Transitional Dining Room Inspiration


We love this post from our Instagram account today for so many reasons.

  • The chandelier from Capital Lighting is the perfect choice for this transitional space.
  • The dining table is a simple yet elegant addition to the space. It’s highlighted by clean lines yet has enough leg detail to make it interesting, but not so much that it’s over powering.
  • Benches for seats have been popular for some time now and I love this one! The legs made from iron add a lot of design to the setup.
  • The use of the topiary bushes on the table are a unique way to break up the space and add some color into the room.
  • Ship lap on the walls…enough said right? Who doesn’t love ship lap? The finished it off with a very warm neutral color. I also love the change of direction above the window. It’s all these small design details that really add up.
  • We always recommend using some type of rug under a table to add that much needed design aspect and break up the room.